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ARTICLE 1:  The name of the organization shall be LANDA LEGENDS GOLF ASSOCIATION.

ARTICLE 2:  PURPOSE: To support, maintain, and further the interest of Senior Golf, foster good fellowship and recreational opportunities for its members through the game of golf, and to encourage young people to become interested and involved in the game of golf.

ARTICLE 3:  There will be two types of members in the Association, ACTIVE AND HONORARY.  Honorary members pay no dues and are to be included in all Association activities.

ARTICLE 4:  Any person 50 years of age or older may join the Association .

ARTICLE 5:  The following Officers will be elected at the annual meeting each year:   PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER.  A Tournament Director shall be appointed by the President with Board approval.  A Handicap Chairman shall be appointed by the President with Board approval.

ARTICLE 6:  The duly elected officers will constitute the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE 7:  The Board of Directors shall have full powers and authority to perform all functions they deem necessary except amend the Constitution or By-Laws.  Such changes must be approved by a majority of members present at announced meeting.

ARTICLE 8:  The Board of Directors shall have the power to expel members for conduct detrimental to the Association.

ARTICLE 9:  Elected officers of the Association are entrusted to be on the signature card to sign checks on behalf of the Association

ARTICLE 10: The Tournament Director is entitled to receive a stipend weekly as set by the Board of Directors and membership.

ARTICLE 11: All records and materials are property of the Association and will pass with change of officers.


SECTION 1:  Parliamentary procedures will prevail at all meetings as set forth in Roberts Rules of Order.

SECTION 2:  Meetings of the Association shall be held quarterly at a time and place designated by the President.  A Quorum shall be deemed to be members present.

SECTION 3:  Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President, Board of Directors, or by written request of 10 (ten) or more members.

SECTION 4:  Board of Director meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.

SECTION 5:  Each member present at any meeting shall be allowed one vote.  Proxy votes are not permitted.

SECTION 6:  All propositions to alter, amend, or add to the Constitution or Administrative Functions shall be presented in writing and filed with the Secretary who shall publicize such at least thirty (30) days before being acted on and shall be adopted with concurrence of the majority of votes cast.

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